Carmelite NGO Partners With Salpointe High School To Develop Laudato Si'

Salpointe Catholic High School, a Carmelite high school in Tuscon, AZ, partnered with the Carmelite NGO to develop the Curriculum on Laudato Si'.

The project began in the spring of 2016, with the aim to integrate the Pope's Laudato Si' Encyclical into all Salpointe lesson plans.

"Using Pope Francis' Encyclical, the goal of the new Curriculum is to create a healthy path to human fulfillment by provoking and cultivating in ourselves, and especially in our youth, a way of living in greater harmony with one another and the Earth," says Kevin Russell, Environmental Biology faculty member and Curriculum project leader.

"Salpointe is proud to have initiated and completed the development of an interdisciplinary secondary school curriculum that honors the essence of Pope Francis' Encyclical," says Kay Sullivan, Salpointe President.