Students Embrace Laudato Si'

Students at Salpointe Catholic High School, where the Laudato Si' Curriculum was developed, are the first to experience it in their classes. Here are some of their observations.

“I think the curriculum is good because it teaches us that the environment and the earth are a common good shared by everybody. The earth and countries that are poorer are most particular vulnerable because they don’t have the resources we have. I learned clean drinking water is a basic human right we take for granted." Isabella '18

“I like it because it’s easier to apply to current events, especially climate and environment issues in culture and politics. Poor people are being affected, everyone is affected.” Anthony, '18

“I like the Curriculum because it has helped me see everything in a different perspective." Marcelo '18

"I had never connected climate change with food availability, people being hungry."

“It’s different than how we look at it before. It makes you look at people involved, such as the flood victims. We learned how about how affects people’s physical and mental health." Andy '18

I like learning about the environment and climate change because it shows . . . it is happening around the globe. It shows us ways we can prevent climate change and stop it." Kaitlyn '18.

Active around the world in projects to care for the earth and increase quality of life for people everywhere, the Carmelite NGO is distributing its Curriculum on Laudato Si' internationally as well.